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Take a leap in your professional journey with our specialized AI courses.

Designed for marketers and sales professionals, these courses equip you with the knowledge and skills to thrive in an AI-driven world


Maximize your team’s performance with our bespoke in-company training programs.

TAILOR-MADE Training modules that are designed to meet your unique business needs, driving growth and innovation through the power of AI.


Benefit from one-on-one coaching from experienced AI professionals.


Our personalized coaching sessions are aimed at integrating AI tools and strategies into your daily workflows for enhanced productivity and cost-efficiency




Ignite the AI conversation at your next event.

Availability for speaking engagements, sharing rich knowledge and insights on leveraging AI for business growth.

Get ready to inspire and enlighten your audience

Online Courses

🔥 AI Mastery in Marketing🔥
The Essential Bootcamp for Tomorrow's Leaders

Are you ready to pioneer the next evolution in marketing?
As the digital realm expands, so does the demand for innovative, data-driven strategies.
AI is no longer a mere buzzword – it's the catalyst reshaping the marketing landscape, paving the path for tomorrow's industry leaders.

🌟 Why This Bootcamp? 🌟

• Dive deep into real-world applications of AI in marketing, from content creation to big data analysis.
• Hands-on assignments and case studies put you in the driver's seat, ensuring you not only learn but implement.
• Engage in weekly Q&A sessions, refining your understanding with industry experts.
• Equip yourself with a toolkit of resources, cheat sheets, and AI tools tailored for modern marketing challenges.
• Earn a certification that showcases your expertise and sets you apart in the competitive marketing realm.

🚀 Transform Your Marketing Approach 🚀

Wave goodbye to outdated methods.
This 8-week intensive bootcamp is designed for ambitious marketers
hungry to harness AI's potential, ensuring they don't just keep pace but lead the way.

🔥 AI Sales Mastery 🔥
The Ultimate Guide to Dominating Modern Sales with the Power of AI !

Are you ready to pioneer the next evolution in marketing?
As the digital realm expands, so does the demand for innovative, data-driven strategies.
AI is no longer a mere buzzword – it's the catalyst reshaping the marketing landscape, paving the path for tomorrow's industry leaders.

🌟 Why This Bootcamp? 🌟

Harness the future of sales with strategies and techniques designed for modern-day champions.
Dive into a comprehensive course that will not only illuminate the wonders of AI in sales
but also transform you into the sales pro of tomorrow.

🚀 Why Choose AI Sales Mastery? 🚀

Join a new league of sales professionals. Lead the pack, and transform every 'no' into a 'yes'.
With "AI Sales Mastery", the future isn't just near; it's HERE.
This 5-week intensive bootcamp is designed for the Sales Leaders of tomorrow
hungry to harness AI's potential, ensuring they don't just keep pace but lead the way.

🌐 Global Relevance: Techniques applicable across industries and regions.
🎯 Practical Learning: Dive into hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios.
💼 Industry Expertise: Course crafted by sales experts well-versed in AI.

🌌 AI for Creative Production & Design:
4-Week Crash Course

Step into the future of creative production and design
with the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence!

Unlock New Dimensions in Creative Work!

Ideal for creative professionals, this course unveils the magic of AI in supercharging your creative toolkit. Say goodbye to expensive stock resources and time-consuming production processes.

🎨 Course Highlights:

Generate stunning photorealistic images.
Produce engaging videos and podcasts powered by AI.
Dive into the creation of digital avatars and establish your brand.
Master the art of crafting online courses and faceless YouTube videos.

Why Choose This Course?


  • Expert-Led Sessions: Navigate the realm of AI with seasoned professionals guiding your journey.
  • Practical Learning: Engage in hands-on projects, ensuring you’re ready for real-world applications.
  • Resource Saving: Eliminate reliance on costly stock imagery and video production.
  • Future-Proof Skills: Stay ahead in the creative industry with cutting-edge AI techniques.

🔥 Limited Enrollment Window! 🔥

“This course reshaped my creative process. AI is the future, and this is the best introduction to it!”<br>

Embrace the next frontier in creative production and design. Book your spot now and redefine your creative potential!

✍️ AI-Powered Copywriting: Revolutionizing Content Creation

Ever felt the challenges of writer's block?
Or wished you had a tool to supercharge your copywriting?
Dive into the future of content creation with AI!

Transform Your Writing Game in Just 4 Hours!

Perfect for writers and marketers, this bootcamp is tailored to amplify your copywriting prowess using cutting-edge AI tools and techniques.

🌟 Discover Unmatched Insights:🌟

* Master AI-driven strategies for magnetic sales copy.
* Unlock the secrets of effective AI prompting.
* Dive deep into competitive content analysis.
* Learn the art of reverse engineering prompts for precision.

What's in Store for You?

  • Action-Packed Learning: Condensed, value-packed content with no fluff.
  • Real-World Applications: Practical exercises and examples.
  • AI Mastery: Harness AI to draft compelling website content, sales pages that convert, captivating sales videos, and click-worthy emails.

🔥 Unlock the Future of Copywriting! 🔥 


This isn’t just a course; it’s a transformational journey. Join us, and revolutionize your content creation strategy. 

Enroll now and step into the future of copywriting!

🚀 Prompt Engineering:
From Zero to Hero Crash Course

Ever wonder how AI language models, like ChatGPT, produce those captivating responses?
Dive into the heart of it all: Prompt Engineering.
Unlock the Power of AI Language Models!
Whether you're a marketer looking to leverage AI for copywriting,
a developer aiming to integrate AI-driven responses,
or a curious mind eager to learn, this crash course is your golden ticket.

🌟 What You'll Learn:

The foundational principles of prompt engineering.
Strategies to craft effective prompts for diverse needs.
Hands-on techniques to optimize AI responses.
Real-world applications and case studies of prompt engineering.

Why This Course?

  • Fast Track Learning: Designed for rapid consumption, you’ll go from novice to expert in record time.
  • Expert Instructors: Learn from the best in the field with a wealth of experience and insights.
  • Interactive Lessons: Engage in practical exercises and get hands-on experience.


“Changed the way I use AI in my business! The techniques are game-changers.”

 “Incredible depth for a crash course. Highly recommend!” 


🔥 Limited Spots Available! 🔥 

Embark on a transformative journey and harness the full potential of AI language models. Enroll now and elevate your AI game!


Discover the transformative power of AI with our personalized in-company trainings. At AI Compass, we believe in the power of customization. We take our comprehensive knowledge and expertise in AI and tailor it specifically to your needs.


Our training modules are customized to your specific industry, aligning closely with your unique workflows and operational processes. We believe that each organization has its unique requirements and pace. Therefore, our training sessions can be spread over various days, weeks, or months to suit your convenience.


We offer both online and in-person training options. We understand the importance of practical learning; therefore, our courses are designed to be interactive, with homework assignments that provide a hands-on experience of AI integration.

Our training doesn’t stop at just imparting knowledge. We provide actionable insights that you can apply directly to your relevant campaigns and tasks, enhancing productivity and driving innovation.

At AI Compass, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in the corporate world. Our team comprises seasoned professionals who have served at C-level positions in Marketing and Sales. We bring the insights and skills gained from our experience in training, coaching, and providing consultancy services to Fortune 500 companies.

Our in-company trainings are not just about understanding AI; they are about leveraging it to create tangible results that drive your business forward. Start your AI journey with us today.

Ready to transform your business through the power of AI? 

We’re here to help guide you on this exciting journey. 

For more information, to explore possibilities, or to request an offer, simply click the link below. 

Let’s start a conversation about how AI can fuel your growth and innovation. 

Your AI-augmented future starts here

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