Tailored AI Solutions for Your Business

Optimize Efficiency, Boost Productivity, and Elevate Customer Experience
with Our Customized AI Solutions

Marketing & Sales AI Automation
Boost your business velocity with our AI-powered Marketing & Sales Automation. Experience unparalleled efficiency and productivity as we harness AI to automate repetitive tasks, reducing costs and accelerating performance.

Custom-Trained AI Chatbots

Revolutionize your customer interaction with our bespoke AI Chatbots. Tailored with your own data, these chatbots deliver exceptional customer experiences while improving your marketing and sales efforts.

AI-Powered Video Sales Letters

Reimagine your message delivery with our innovative AI-crafted Videos. Get highly customized, affordable, and quick-turnaround videos in your preferred language that resonate with your audience and drive conversion.


Tap into our expert knowledge in AI, Marketing, and Sales to identify opportunities and develop strategies for business growth. Let us help you leverage AI to its full potential, optimizing processes and outcomes for your business.

Custom-Trained AI ChatBots

Our Chatbot Solutions
Your Gateway to

Seamless Customer Support,
Sales Excellence,
and Efficient Training!

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Customer Support Chatbots
Powered by your proprietary data and advanced AI algorithms,
our chatbot acts as an always-available customer service agent 24/7.

Whether it's handling simple queries
or escalating to a human agent for complex issues,
our chatbot ensures top-notch customer experiences,

Experience cost reduction while improving customer satisfaction.

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Sales Chatbot

Transform your website into a seamless shopping experience.
Your digital sales agent is equipped with the knowledge of your products and services, answering specific questions and guiding visitors through the purchase journey.
With personalized recommendations and instant responses, our chatbot enhances conversion rates and boosts revenue.

Embrace AI to create, create a customer-centric buying experience and watch your sales soar.

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Training & Knowledge Chatbot

Unlock the full potential of your company's internal knowledge.
Our Knowledge Chatbot, powered by your proprietary data, serves as the ultimate guru, answering questions and providing insights to employees

Empower your workforce with A Training Chatbot.
Continuous learning, at their own pace, while reducing training costs and enhancing productivity.

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Onboarding Chatbot

Say hello to hassle-free onboarding with our Onboarding Chatbot.

Each customer or employee can receive personalized training,
tailored to their unique needs and progress.
Our chatbot delivers bite-sized knowledge chunks to ensure effective learning with no overwhelming information dumps.

Transform your onboarding process in smooth, engaging, and cost-effective

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at a Fraction of an Employee Cost!
Our Chatbot Solutions are customizable to meet your unique requirements.
Costs will depend on factors such as the complexity of the training data, the integration needs, and the number of chatbot functionalities.

but the development will often be less than a monthly employee's salary!!

Contact us for a personalized quote that aligns with your business goals

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Marketing & Sales AI Automation

AI-Powered Automation

Are you ready to revolutionize your marketing and sales tasks?
Reduce costs, and supercharge productivity?
Accomplish more in less time with AI Compass's Marketing & Sales Automation services.

It's not just about the sporadic use of AI,
but leveraging AI to do the heavy lifting, automating repetitive tasks, and eliminating manual work.

We're here to make AI work for YOU.

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What We Automate

Our AI automation solutions are custom-tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Whether you're an e-commerce platform, a digital marketing agency, SME or Multinational,
there are many opportunities to automate your daily tasks.

Inspire yourself with some examples
how our AI automation can drive your success:

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Content Creation and Distribution:

With AI, we can generate, repurpose and distribute relevant content, like
customized blog posts, social media content, tweets,
that aligns with your brand's voice.

Elevate your social media strategy
with AI-powered content creation.

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Email Marketing Automation

Stay engaged with your customers consistently, increasing customer lifetime value.

Let AI tackle client emails, complaints, and inquiries,

with automated email responses crafted for your business

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Data Monitoring and Automation

Our AI solutions can track customer behaviors,
collect in-depth customer demographics,
and automate the process of lead generation and appointment setting.

Understand your customers better, and target them more efficiently.

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AI Powered Videos

Why AI-Powered Videos?
Remember the days when creating compelling video content meant hefty budgets,
countless hours, and involving a whole team? Those days are long gone.

Today, with the amalgamation of state-of-the-art AI tools, we've streamlined the process,
delivering exceptional quality at a fraction of the time and cost.

In a world where every message counts, why settle for the ordinary?
Your video content doesn't just need to be seen; it needs to resonate, inspire, and most importantly, convert.
Our AI-Crafted Offerings

High-Converting Commercial Videos (VSLs)
Perfect for your website's sales pages.
Because first impressions last.

Engaging Explainer Videos:
Ideal for educational content, blog posts,
or breaking down complex concepts with ease.

Still skeptical?
Every video you see on our website? Crafted by AI.

Proven to resonate and engage.
The Power of a Perfect Script

Beautiful visuals mean little without a compelling narrative.
Our strength?

Crafting scripts that don't just speak, but sell.

Accompanied by voiceovers that breathe life into your message.
From the urban streets of New York to the romantic alleys of Paris,
we ensure your message is heard loud and clear.

Choose from: UK English, UK English, UK English, French, Spanish and Dutch (NL & VL)

How It Works?
STEP 1: Intake Survey:
It's about YOUR story. Help us understand: - Your audience and ideal customer
- Your product's core benefits and promises
- Any testimonials you might have
- Your offer
- Your brand guidelines
- Your competitors in the market
STEP 2: Personal Touch (Optional): Have a specific image or video clip you want in the final cut?
Upload it, and let's integrate it seamlessly.
STEP 3: The Perfect Voice:
Choose from:
- A range of preselected professional voiceovers
- Or, lend your voice and add that personal touch
The AI Magic Touch
Within a single business day,
witness the magic:

- A captivating script, written and perfected
- Your chosen voiceover bringing the script to life
- A first draft video that captures your vision

Review, give feedback, and watch as we refine it to perfection through 2nd and 3rd versions.

Your satisfaction, our promise

Pricing That Respects Your Budget
Kickstart your video journey starting at only 975€ for the first 90 seconds.

Every subsequent minute? Just an additional 250€.

Experience the innovative union of AI and your vision today. and convert more sales

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