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AI Compass Madrid team
AI compass co-partners and CEO

AI Compass Team

Our collective expertise lies in Sales and Marketing across various sectors, Marketing Automation, and Digital Marketing. 



As entrepreneurs, we have built various successful companies, including app businesses and AI-focused ventures.  In fact, our CEO is also the author of a renowned Digital Marketing book.



We are a team of seasoned professionals with expertise in:


,including senior executives, ex C-levels in corporates, developers, designers and successful entrepreneurs. Our backgrounds are diverse, ranging from Marketing, Sales, Business Development, to IT and Data Science.







Who we serve?

At AI Compass, our focus is on empowering: 

  • Sales professionals
  • Marketing professionals

To embrace AI in their daily tasks, enabling them to achieve faster, cost-effective, and improved results.


We cater to a diverse range of industries, serving professionals at all levels, including board-level executives, directors, senior managers, mid-level managers, coaches, and entrepreneurs.


Our mission is to equip these professionals with cutting-edge AI knowledge and tools, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve and drive innovation in their businesses. With speed and efficiency as our priority, we help them do things quicker, cheaper, and better, transforming the way they work and excel in their respective fields.

AI from Europe to Worldwide

We are based in the heart of Europe, with headquarter offices in Benelux and Spain. Currently also serving companies in Germany, UK and France. 

We embrace diversity and multicultural within the workforce.


Our experience and online presence has allows us to serve clients worldwide. 

Expansion plans to focus on encompass rest of Europe including Nordics, Middle-East, Asia, and North & South America.

Join Us on This AI Journey

Are you ready to turn AI into your competitive advantage? Let AI Compass guide you on this transformative journey. Whether you seek education, coaching, or state-of-the-art AI tools, we have the expertise and experience to lead the way. Embrace AI with confidence and become the Sales & Marketing Leader your company needs. Together, we’ll make AI work for you and unlock boundless opportunities for success.

Whether you're looking to implement AI for the first time
or want to take your current AI capabilities to the next level,
our team at AI Compass is here to help you succeed.

Turn AI into Your Competitive Advantage

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